The lucrative opportunities of single tenant properties

A single tenant net lease property is a property leased to one tenant on a triple net lease basis. The lease terms are usually longer—from 10 to 25+ years—which makes them particularly attractive to well-established corporations including national banks, drugstore chains, fast food and restaurant chains, and more.

Long-Term Leases

Steady Income

Large, National Tenants

Credit Secured

No Landlord Hassles

Triple Net

Single tenant net leased properties are a smart, stable investment opportunity

Cash flow you can count on

Because single tenant properties are popular with well known national chains with strong credit ratings, you can count on a regular, consistent cash flow from strong, highly rated tenants.

Long-term leases add to a stable, consistent return

Since single tenant property leases typically range from 10 to 25+ years, you avoid the uncertainty of lease roll-overs and enjoy stable returns.

A wider range of leasing and financing options

Single tenant properties attract blue chip, national tenants, so the financing options are more diverse and advantageous than typical financing.

Less work for you

Single tenant properties are leased on a triple net basis, with the tenant responsible for all property maintenance. So you spend little time managing, and more time enjoying steady, consistent earnings.